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Find Your Ideal Golf Putters Using A Do-It-Yourself Club fitting

If you are having trouble deciding which golf putters suit you best, you should also probably invest in a custom club fitting. A club fitting is a process by which a professional assesses you based on factors like your physical strength and your swing style in order to determine the specific set of clubs that would best suit you physically and help you maximize your game.

You can request a club fitting from any pro shop or golf club who will provide it for free as long as you agree to buy your clubs from them. Rockbottomgolf.com are gives the best choice of golf club equipment. You can also pay a pro for a fitting, which is usually for a minimal fee of fifty dollars or even less. However, it is possible for you to conduct your own fitting to determine which golf putters suit you best.

Here is a simple process for doing so:

Golf ballsThe first step is to determine the ideal shaft length. The general guideline is that the taller you are, the longer the shaft you need. In addition, you should take a note of your stance. If you hold the shaft low when you make your stance, you’ll need a shorter shaft. The farther away you are from the ball when you make your stance, the longer the shaft that you should get for your putters.

Go down to your local hardware store and purchase a dowel-rod made of wood that is slightly longer than the putter you’re presently using and whose diameter is approximately the same. Take this rod and go down to a putting green and practice putting using a proper putting stroke. It will be difficult but that is the point of the exercise. After doing this a few times, move your grip downward while using a more crouched stance. If it is harder to putt, move your grip upward while strengthening your stance. Continue this process until you find the grip that you are most comfortable with. This is your optimum grip.

After you finish this part of the process, start playing with your stance. Change aspects of it such as how far you spread your legs and how far you stand from the ball. Once you’ve found the stance that will give you the best results it is time to note the ideal length. Mark the rod at a spot around two inches from the heel of the hand on top of your grip. Make a measurement from the end of the rod to the mark, and round it off to the next inch (i.e. if it is 34.5-inches, round it off to 35-inches). This will be the optimum length of the golf putters you use.

Golf PuttersThe next step is to determine your ideal shaft angle. According to USGA rules, you need to have at least a 10-degree declination angle (measured from the vertical) which is equivalent to an 80-degree lie angle (measured from the horizontal). To find your ideal lie angle, you will need the assistance of a friend with a digital camera. Find a telephone pole or other reference point that casts a shadow. Take a ball, put it in the shadow and use the dowel rod and your perfect stance to try and putt it down this line. Ask your friend to take a photo, ensuring that you are completely in the picture, as well as some of the reference and the shadow. When you have the picture, use a protractor to measure the angle between your shaft and the reference point. Subtract this angle from 90-degrees and that is your perfect shaft angle. Use this shaft angle as well as your optimum length measurement the next time you are buying golf putters.